Homeschooling for Math excellence

Are you a parent or grandparent wondering what is happening with Math Education in the public schools?

I have some really passionate views on the effects the new Common Core Math is having and going to have on our children going forward.

I wrote several math essays on my Blog and want to highlight them here.

Common Core Math Vs. Saxon Math for grades one, two, and three

A Homeschooling Father shared some details about a conversation he had with the author of the middle school Saxon Math Books - This is a fascinating read: More details about the Math Wars: Saxon vs. Everyone Else

This post is one of the essays that is included in my Uncommon Lore Essays for Parents:
Uncommon Lore: The Original Saxon Math Curriculum. MATH, a firm foundation to build a homeschool on

This essay is one of my all time high traffice posts on the Blog! It contains personal conversations I had with a Math Curriculum writer for Pearson,  Nikki Hayes (who wrote John Saxons Biography), and others who are Math Experts.
More #CommonCore Math Madness, we have to #StopCommonCore 

I have spent quite a bit of time creating visuals that help to quickly point out what the issues are with Common Core Math.  Please feel free to share on the internet to help educate others about the Math Wars.  You do not have to contact me for permission to share these graphics.


I know the idea of having to teach your own child or grandchild proper old fashioned traditional math may feel like an overwhelming task.

But I have learned over the years that if I do not take on this task of educating my own child (who is currently an 11 year old fifth grader), that no one else is going to do it properly.

We don't have time to take on the education establishment and fix all that is broken. 

 By the time they finally get things right (if they ever do), my son will be grown and his ability to reason and think established as a foundation for his life.

 It has not been easy to take on this daily task of teaching my own, especially when I as a taxpaying citizen am paying for the whole public school abomination. I am frustrated and angry that I have to spend my precious time playing the role of teacher when I already have my role of mother.

But I am willing to go the distance to Saxon Calculus if that is what it takes to make certain that Benjamin has a firm foundation in Real Math.

Here is my final Math Essay on the Blog: Writing, Blogging, and Making Time for Homeschool….again

God Bless you as you teach and train.

I will be working in my home every day thinking about you tucked in some corner of your home wrestling with a squirly little boy or a stubborn girl as you teach them their math facts and then jump into daily, incremental math curriculum. John Saxon handed the world a gift with his passion and gift for standing up to the Math Establishment. Please go educate yourself and then take on the task of doing the dailies of math work with your child. You will never regret this investment in your childs education.

 Jenny Hatch